Monday, August 31, 2009

Garthy...Garthy Pottaah

Garth didn't go wild this week, but he did go geek sheik.


  1. Ah, the glasses you have no idea where they came from...

    Totally have to be Mr. Potatohead glasses.

    Someone definitely snuck those into your apartment, but were later too ashamed to let you know they carry around a Mr. Potatohead in their purse.

    ...It wasn't me.

    Dammit! Now, it totally sounds like it was me. But, it wasn't. :(

  2. ummm did you mean geek chic? sheiks are leaders of arab villages or muslim communities. not that garth couldn't also be sheik as well as chic...just sayin'

  3. cute picture of Garth, he is a cat of all trades!